You promised people Dubai we didn’t see anything – Oye Kyme Blasts Bobrisky


Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky is in the news again as his former personal assistant, Oye Kyme drags him.

The Ivorian lady who claimed she suffered while living with the crossdresser has spilled more dirts about him.

She claimed that he lives a fake lifestyle and never fulfilled his promises of taking his fans on a trip to Dubai, especially anumba the first lady who drew a tattoo of him on her body.

However, she stated that she didn’t pity the girl because she supported by the crossdresser’s lies and also lived for the gram.

She revealed that Bobrisky liked “pussy” and was sleeping with her.

She further claimed that he frequently assaulted her whenever she tries mingling with people.

According to her, she suffered several traumas which her mother had to deal with.

See her several claims below:

Fake promises and lying for a living, he promised people Dubai we didn’t see anything even if me I don’t deserve the trip what about anumba gift she was the first person that drew u you collected everything that you give her seeing her page today make me so sad but it’s good for because she too she Dey lie just to cover you but me my mouth you can’t control it with your celebrity power Ivorian we no Dey fear”.

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“Only God know what I went through if you come to DM writing nonsense am blocking assap I no get time it’s not by force to follow anybody send you message so if you are pain this the door”.

“Working as PA in the morning knacking in the night, I wanted to make new friends he now beat me this is real story he dey knack girl”.

“Have clear my mind I will rest now”

“We are moving to 2022 oga make you come out and confess me I don talk my own my chest is free now am moving on”

“You like pussy but why you Dey pretend”

“A lot of people have been telling me to rest this is the reason why I couldn’t rest because mentally I was not totally heal but am glad am able to clear my mind now”

“Of course you will come out and denied but people that are wise will know that you are lying, when I was in Nigeria if it’s time to go to bed he will be be asking me Oye are you going to sleep with your trouser on ? Bla bla bla if you didn’t knack me. How did you know that I don’t wear bra and pant to sleep??? You are a man stop changing your voice and doing like a woman stops using women gender to make money na percent man you be with big gbola”.

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“I wasn’t in my country I was so scared that something happens to me but God thank am in safe place I can bring him out now, remember when I told him Bib am sorry I just want to move he reply telling me he love me, he knew what he did to me”

“My mom is the one suffering in this because I won’t sleep sometimes in the night the first week I landed in Ivory Coast couldn’t stop crying in my dream”

“The day he did this to me his brother was there that dat ask them what happens that day before my flight he was just begging me to stay because he knows that if I land I won’t close my mouth”.

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