“You are a curse if you judge a film by one or two scenes”, Yomi Fabiyi slams those condemning his movie,Oko Iyabo


Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has slammed those condemning his latest movie, Oko Iyabo.

Recall that the controversial actor received massive backlash for his movie which references the ongoing rape case between actor, Baba Ijesha and Comedienne Princess’s foster daughter.

Yomi Fabiyi had to take down his movie from YouTube following media outburst. The actor has since put back his movie on the video sharing app privately.

Judging from reviews from those who have watched the controversial movie, he was commended for producing an educative movie which many are misjudging.

Reacting to their praises, Yomi Fabiyi claimed that his movie has been viewed by over 400,000 persons and they questioned why Oko Iyabo was condemned.

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He slammed those condemning his movie because of the short clips they saw as he referred to them as “Curse, Tragedy and Delusional”.

He wrote:

408,115 viewers have seen “OKO IYABO” and they came back asking, why the condemnation? Where are the court contempt or so? Who is the patent owner of all the single names mentioned?

Inunibini o kan ta yo moo iwa wu.

You are a “CURSE” “TRAGEDY” and “DELUSIONAL if you know better but judge a film by one or two scenes, perhaps by short clips.

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Social Media and emotions will keep exposing the demons and level of mediocrity in most. Arrogant with Ignorance is all i see.                            Time to separate the wheat from the shaft”.

Throwing a shade at TAMPAN, Yomi Fabiyi stated that any profession or organisation that violates Human Rights is not a noble or legitimate organisation.

Captioning the post, he wrote,



See reviews of the movie below,




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