Y’all know marriage is a scam – Huddah Monroe Speaks


Beauty entrepreneur and realtor, Huddah Monroe has given her two cents on marriage while reacting to the divorce of actress, Meagan Good and husband, Devon Franklin.

Recall that olorinews reported that Franklin had filed for divorce from his actress wife of 9 years on Monday, December 20.

According to court documents obtained by ET, the date of separation was listed as August 21, 2021, and the pastor cited irreconcilable differences as the cause of their split.

Reacting to the heartbreaking news, Huddah averred that that marriage can only last when one is married to Jesus Christ.

She declared that she has decided to become a babymama to a great man who wants an ovary donation.

She stated that she would sell her womb for a million dollar as she believes marriage is a scam.

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She questioned why people would lie to each other about marriage rather than just date till Christ comes.

She blasted men who always blame biology for their cheating lifestyle as she opined that she has no problem with a man having several wives.

She wrote:

Marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ himself….
I’m ready to be a baby momma to a King who wants an ovary donation lol! , No strings attached”.

“I’m selling my womb. LoL! $1,000,000. To Be your Baby momma. Child support we shall agree while we fucking to conceive”.

“Y’all know marriage is a Scam in this era of Bamba with big boys & bif /small nyash and y’all gettin into it lol!
Why lie to each other? Just date until Jesus Christ comes back…
Save yaself the drama”.

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“First of alll men know they can NEVER be loyal to one woman! And they claim it’s Biology! Talking about, That’s just how men are built! Fuck that! Stop giving blood pressure to women! Tell us straight up! HAVE 3 others. Will you be 4th?

Let us agree to disagree”.

“We have no problem with you having 10 wives. Just keep it..
Saves us alot of time in decision making. I’ll decide early if I’ll have you and John and James. Not after catching feelings, I find out you have 5 baby mommas. 25 kids And 6 wives”.

“Summon is over….
Let me deal with my shipment coz I cannot believe my shipment is till delayed! For another 2 weeks. I need those coins Y’ALL!”.

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