Why do we allow ourselves to be shackled by London based despots – Reno Omokri questions Nigerians


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has questioned why Nigerians love to be governed by President’s who he referred to as “London based despots”.

He wondered why we got our independence from Britain since we are still governed by London despots who are worse.

He further slammed Bola Tinubu who is contesting for 2023 Presidential election as he believes he is in the same category with Buhari as they both governed from London.

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He added that our country has a high tolerance for nonsense as we constantly allow them into office.

He wrote:
Bola Tinubu is campaigning to govern Nigeria from London. Buhari partially misgoverned Nigeria from London.
With the reality of this fact, why did we gain independence from Britain only to shackle ourselves with London based despots who are worse than the British?
Atleast we built the University College Hospital, Ibadan during the colonial era and the Saudi Arabia Royal Family received treatment there (that is how the Saudis developed a taste for Nigerian doctors).
That sad reality is that Nigeria has a high tolerance for nonsense. Which is why we tolerate Buhari and Tinubu”.

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