WhatsApp Dark Mode: How To Activate


How To Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode has no doubt become the latest trend within the social media community as many users are making switch to the instant messaging app new features. Though a lot of users have long looked forward to this moment as many social networking app have long made the feature available to their subscribers; WhatsApp Inc recently added this amazing feature to satisfy the craving of their users.

In this article I will be sharing simple steps on how to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode feature in less than three minutes… just follow the method below.


  • First you will need to update your app via Google Playstore.
  • After you have successfully installed the update, launch the WhatsApp Messenger
  • Under Settings, click CHATS
  • In the chats you will see the first option as THEME click it
  • By default the theme is on LIGHT >>> select DARK which is the second option on the dropdown.
  • Now click OK!

Congratulations! You have successfully activated your device WhatsApp Dark Mode… If you have any question or having any difficulties following this method, kindly let me know in the comment section below and I or any of the admins will work you through every single step all the way.

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