What Is A Blog?


In this article, I will be giving you the most important tips on what a blog is and few things I have personally learned in my journey as a blogger. I hope you find this useful.

This question has been on the mind of many young people and in one way or the other – they have no idea how or where to throw the question at some point in time. One can say this is just a simple question and sometimes very broad that one might spend a whole day trying to understand.

Believe me a lot of bloggers today hardly ask this question before venturing into the field, which to me is a very big mistake and a step in a wrong direction… a good business man/person makes a thorough research before going into a new business and/or reaching a final verdict.

With this being said, a Blog is a business like any other and should be researched before being ventured into – to avoid grievous mistakes many freelancers make before going into their various sections of endeavor.

A Blog – is an online platform that makes information available and for easy accessibility for researchers, writers and people who needs it. You can also define a Blog as regularly updated website or web page on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis with great resourceful materials.

In recent time, a blog are designed in such a way that it is more interactive – more like an online forum where the administrator make a Blog Post and make room for comments and replies or conversation between the site users. A blog administrator can bring up interesting and intriguing topics that the visitors cannot just read through with being tempted to drop a reply – thereby creating a chain of conversation.

You may also say, a blog is and online journal web page displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest happenings appearing on the front page. It is a platform where are writer or team of writers share views on a single subject matter.

Structure of a Blog

Every blog appearance is unique and changes over time and in recent time – web blogs carries common (or different) items which include some basic features and structure as listed below:

  1. Header with the menu items or navigation bar
  2. Main content section which houses latest blog posts
  3. Sidebar with mostly social profile, favorite/recent content and many more
  4. Footer with important links to various pages like Privacy policy, about, contact page etc.

What makes a Blog Successful?

  1. Hire or get the best writer: the success of a blog is lies solely on the quality of contents it carries/delivers to its readers… with this being said – it is advised that for a blog to be a topnotch, the administrator of the blog in question must get capable hands to work with, which means the guy/lady in charge of writing must be nothing less than the best.
  2. The next thing after getting a best writer is for the platform (blog) owner know what to write about. Being well informed is key in making your Blog a topnotch – you can’t afford to fumble for the sake of being misinformed on a particular topic.
  3. Take it easy on promoting your own stuffs – your readers may find that to a be too much of self-bragging, there by turning your hard work in a shattered achievement overnight, common you wouldn’t like that to happen – will you?
  4. Try in as much as possible (not always) in sharing your story both in the aspect you failed and your path to success – this goes a long way to keep your new and returning visitors engaged and more interested in what you.
  5. Don’t be stingy in any way, I for fact believe that achieving success take more from your pocket.
  6. Lastly, you need to dig deep before publishing any article, you don’t have to hurry in doing anything – you are your own boss; which means you can take up to a week working on a single blog post (if that will give the desired result) to make your blog success for real.

Choosing a Niche

This section is the pillar of your blogging career. If you choose the wrong niche to work on, this could be the beginning of your endless mistake which you may not notice on time until you begin to fail. Thing is; you may find great difficulty marketing your business for this reason.

Wrong choice of niche has placed so many business back from achieving the desired success it was initially ventured into for – so you may want to think it over, to know what you really want to go for.

When choosing a niche, doing your research work on what will profit you more is key; no freelancer deserves to be broke if you would ask me – freelancers put a lot in their line of work in delivering nothing but the best. I’ll recommend newbies to grow their passion around Tech, Education, Lifestyle & Travels, these niches looks promising to me and are considered as a top paying niches in the world.

How do Blogs Generate Income?

Over the years the internet and of course with fast growth in the tech-sphere around the globe – a blog has proven to be a profitable business and surprisingly, a lot of people have tendered their resignation letter just to begin their own blog and so far they are doing really well with their newly found passion. It will interest you to know that I know of a lady who used work with one of the Nigerian Banks and had to drop her banking job to pursue her passion for owning a blog (not just owning it) but turning it to her means of livelihood which has put her in the front row of Nigerian women who are successful online entrepreneurs.

I am also a kind of person who believe in being my own boss and love sharing any information at my disposal be it on a free or premium level – and of course I do give few tips on blogging to beginners, because I believe that starting a Blog of your own is a step already in the right direction but it doesn’t guarantee total success as it requires more than just your passion, dedication and money.

About five (5) years ago, I started my own blog based on Tech and Educational niche before diversifying and bringing in – entertainment on board, within these five years I made lots of mistakes and have learned a lot more from those mistakes which made me take a little break from the whole blogging scene just to ask myself again and again if really it want to go on with this choice of career or way of life.


It is my believe that sharing is power to become unstoppable, and I hope that you find this article is resourceful enough to answer some of your questions that relate to the topic ‘what is a blog’. Make it count by reading my next article on How to create a blog.

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