Watch moment woman plays violin while undergoing brain surgery (Video)


Another viral story has surface the internet as a woman was spotted playing violin while she undergo brain surgery. The moment she was allowed to play the violin while surgeons perform a brain surgery on her was captured in a video.

Dogmar Turner, 53, was worried she may lose her musical talent after the doctors perform the brain surgery to remove a tumor so she suggested they allow her play the violin during the operation (possibly a way to keep her musical side active).

This she did to ensure the surgeons did not damage the part of her brain which controls the fine movement of her hands.

The patient, Dagmar Turner is a management consultant and a passionate violinist from the Isle of Wight, who had a tumor removed at King’s College Hospital.

A consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital, Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, came up with the plan to help reduce the risk.

The video which is already going viral on social media, showing her pick up the instrument during the surgery and playing scales with her eyes closed.

“This was the first time I’ve had a patient play an instrument,” he said.

“We managed to remove over 90% of the tumour, including all the areas suspicious of aggressive activity, while retaining full function in her left hand.”

Watch and download video below.

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