Using the word ‘dash’ when asking for help is irritating – Uriel Oputa


Chef, Uriel Oputa has vented out over our irritating it is when people constantly use the word “dash” to demand something from her.

She stated that the word was irritating to her as it comes with the entitlement mentality.

She stated this while responding to a female fan had asked her for a wig.

She wrote:

“Uu merry Christmas
Please dash me one hair biko”.

Taking to her Instagram story, Uriel schooled her over her choice of words.

According to her, the word is a careless way of expressing giving as it comes with much entitlement.

To avoid been misunderstood, she affirmed that she is a giver, who gives at the right time.

This annoys me I swear….even the word Dash leaves Me feeling irritated.
It’s such a careless way to Express (Giving) so much entitlement!! Dash me., pls who are you?
Would you even render help to your own friends?
Do you think I buy hair for free. Have you checked Dollar rates?
Shipping cost?
Do you still want to be writing Dash in 2022?
Don’t get me wrong I’m a giver, when it’s the right time for me.
2022 may we progress into higher ground”.

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In another post, Uriel Oputa spoke out on how difficult it is caring for her mother who suffers from dementia.

She voiced out over how hard it is caring for her as her illness progresses, but decided to remain positive.

She noted how her favourite time with her mum is when she baths her as they always gist about her grandmother, who she describes as a no nonsense caring woman.

She stated that due to her illness, her mother still thinks that her mother (their grandmother) was alive and everyone in the house plays along to avoid war.

Caring for my mum is getting harder as her illness progresses but in everything we need to be positive.

My favourite time is bath time! Oh we Gist about her Grandmother who was quite a no nonsense caring woman..
Sounds like me
she still believes her grandmother is alive and we all play along to avoid War we have even booked Uber to IMo state”.

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In another, Uriel grieved as she reminisced about her growing up days with her mother.

She stated that she was getting accustomed to giving her mother round the clock attention.

She expressed her gratitude to her brothers who she describes as been amazing over how they take care of their mum.

She added that the coming year would be about creating memories even though it does linger in their mother’s mind.

A few days back I grieved the woman I knew as a child and welcomed their beautiful woman who need round the clock care.
My Brothers are Amazing and have done so well 2022 we will create amazing memories even if you forget 20 minutes later love you Mrs Oputa”.


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