UN Special Rapporteur Calls for ‘Firm Action’ to Protect Palestinians’ Human Rights

UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Palestine, Francesca Albanese. (Photo: Hatim Kaghat, via Le Soir, Supplie)

The international community must take “firm and principled action” to protect the human rights and dignity of Palestinians, Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, said on Thursday.

“Israeli violence, including the deadly raid operations in the Jenin refugee camp on January 26, in the old city of Nablus on February 22, and Jericho on March 1 left a devastating toll of 80 Palestinians dead and over 2,000 injured in less than 90 days. ,” the UN official said in an official statement, adding that Palestinians killed a total of 13 Israelis during the same period.

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Albania expressed that Israel’s “systematic and deliberate destruction of homes, civilian infrastructure and property escalated amid hostile anti-Palestinian rhetoric and declared plans to further annex Palestinian lands” with “emotion the despair of the occupied Palestinian people”.

“A wave of deadly violence has been sweeping through the occupied West Bank since the beginning of this year as an inevitable consequence of an oppressive and oppressive lifestyle with no end in sight, and the culture of lawlessness and impunity that Israel has fostered and enjoyed off,” she said. .

The UN official explained that the international community’s “lack of meaningful intervention” has led Israel to “consolidate its occupation and repressive lifestyle”.

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Albania noted that UN member states offered “little more than symbolic criticism, humanitarians providing bond aid, and legal scholars stuck in theoretical debates,” although they saw “the goal of the highest number of Palestinian deaths and injuries in the country occupied territory.”

The humanitarian expert urged UN members to “move beyond counting casualties and calling for restraint,” stressing that they should not “remain silent in the face of horrific violations.”


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