TV Presenter, Abena Korkor, reveals she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder


Ghanaian TV Presenter and health activist, Abena Korkor, has shed light on the reason behind her addiction to sex.

According to the media personality, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder which has left her sexually active.

The entertainer further revealed that she was diagnosed with it years after she had sex with a boy who was 13 while she was only 6 years.

She disclosed this while speaking at an interview with Deloris Tromping Manso on The Delay Show. She also stated that while she was trying to figure out the Genesis of her mental problem, she found out that none of her family members had it.

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She also revealed that anytime she experiences any of the psychotic episodes, she becomes sexually hyperactive and as a result she tends to either talk alot about sex or engage in it.

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She said:

“I can’t say for a fact that having sex at age 6 brought about my mental illness. What I know is, I’ve never seen myself as one who fits in and when I was in Tertiary, I felt within my system that all wasn’t well. So I immediately went to the hospital and when they couldn’t treat me, I was sent to the Accra Psychiatric hospital where I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder”.


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