Toolz Advice To A Fan Who Asked Her How To Confront Her Cheating Husband


Radio personality, Toolz Oniru has advised a female followers on how to deal with a cheating husband.

The media personality had urged her followers to open up to her on lingering issues bothering them.

A fan had revealed that she knows her husband is cheating on her but she lack the courage to confront him.

Toolz advised her to summon courage and confront him and probably sleep with his friend depending on his response.

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Tell me a secret you really need to get off your chest

FAN : “I know my husband is cheating and I don’t know why I can’t confront him”.

Toolz : “Confront him….then maybe sleep with his friends….based on how he answers”.

While reacting to the negative comments her advice drew, Toolz stated that she should have advised the woman to either watch War Room or ask him what she did wrong.

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Another fan had revealed how life was unbearable for her since her husband left her to be with his mistress.

Toolz advised her to burn his car.

FAN : “My husband left me to be with his mistress, it’s really affecting my business…and I ca…”.

Toolz : “I should say you’re a strong woman blah blah….but I really think you should burn his car”.


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