Tonto Dikeh Shares Private Chats With Bobrisky To Refute His Claims


Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who is known to fight till the last, has shared screenshots of their chats with Bobrisky to prove that she has be begging him to send his account details for her to refund his money.

The two have set the agog with their messy fight as they drag each other.

The drama all started when Tonto revealed that many Celebrities borrow money from bureau de change to flaunt on their page.

Bobrisky who felt her post was directed at him, also threw a shade at her and a fight ensued between the two.

Tonto claimed that the crossdresser had stolen her jewelries from her safe to sell out.

She questioned why she would refund him is 2million when he stole money from her and asserted that the crossdresser doesn’t have any bae who funds his lifestyle.

She accused him of sleeping with internet scammers for a fee and also blackmailing them.

Pls return my jewelries
you stole Biko…
You want 2million when you thief jewelry worth millions from my safe to sell…
BOBRISKY you get money pass your papa, come not me!!!
You still Dey see change
Na why you Dey shout billionaires don’t shout, unfortunate element!! Come collect 2million I dey wait.
There is no fucking bae any where a Mallam bring money for you to do advert…
You sleep with yahoo boys blackmail them and get paid…
Sit your Rotten ass down”.

“You stole 5MILLION from omoshola till date the police are still calling because I was you guarantor..
You get money small omoshola na em lock you up, big me na em release you.
Bob get the f out you are an expired specie, even the gay world reject you.
Your ow family reject you and betray you for just 2k…
Lmaoooo I Dey open house bayo

“Friendship no work you wan kill yourself?
Pay die now, anyone friends with you is friends with a DEMON.
You have money gou can’t but mouth deodorant you can’t properly treat your leaking mucus dripping ass hole because of shame!
You can’t take your family OUT FROM the slums..
You have money you father driver a horrible taxi without ac…
You are the new definition of FAKE SHIM”.

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“Sub Dey em own, Pig catch an…
Now Dey know who Dey rent money
Pls you people shld let me be
ATM bayo, keep ranting I still have messages where I asked you to send account to be paid for assisting my family while I had issues in Dubai and you were home..
2million yoh refused to collect and insulted me go about saying 5million
Not surprise your lies can RAISE THE DEAD
It’s not on Instagram I will meet you, we will meet at the station.
Remember same place omoshola locked you up that I had to come and knee down to beg that’s were…”.

Replying her, Bobrisky noted how she finally accepted that she owes him money.

He affirmed that he isn’t the type the actress can easily threaten as he has more money than her.

“Aunty finally accepted his 2million well you that borrowed won’t remember the actual amount, me that lend you remember the actual amount and i have all my details cos I learnt how you drag ur ex boyfriend online so I kept mind incase you want go rant. You talk about arrest? Tonto I dare you. I’m not all those local fool you threaten with police. I get money pass you let see who wins. Pay ur debt Tonto and leave story.

If you don’t have insult bro say something else. Dis is nit the first time you have been fabricating lies upon lies. Timi frank bought me a Rolex bla bla aunty you can lie ehnnnn.

You talk about real Rolex Tonto Rolex is fake post d certificate if e sure for you post it. Ur Rolex is pure fake aunty stop hyping urself sis.

At least you came and speak d truth about helping ur family when you had issue in Dubai thank God, now the question now is how many of your friend where there for you when they locked ur ass up for months! Everybody left you I was d only single person who stayed with you. If you are tonto be ready to be use and also spend ur own money. More receipt coming….”.

“Remember the man that came to see us in transcorp, he ended up having my own no instead of you, the man said I don’t tonto to call me out tomorrow, everyone has known her for that one thing you do to all ur ex.
Broke aunty”.

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“The poor man said I like bob, dis ur friend I’m scared of her not calling me out tomorrow when things go wrong. Tonto you know baller spend on me and you keep wondering how I do it. Have you ever seen me calling anyone here our or insult them? No because I keep shit away from d gram. You are d one always calling your boyfriend out and baby daddy. No man want to be with you cos you are public dog the whole relationship will end on Instagram”.

“You don’t like condom when dem don knack you belle and them no give you money.
Na me you dey carry go finish d last work.
The last one wey I followed you go I had to record the scene cos if anything happen to you na me them go hold. I can’t be behind bar write statements…. I kept everything details.
Na another person knack u belle na shim dey always take care of you. I suffer for this friendship. The annoying thing is person wey knack you d bele no go pick ur call again”.

Keeping the feud on, the actress has shared screenshots of their private chats to proof her point.

Tonto shared the chats to refute Bob’s claim that their friendship deteriorated because he refused to give her N5million and that the actress has refused to pay him his money.

In one of the chats, Bobrisky slammed the actress was skipping his birthday party even when others did.

In another, he lashed out at her for not telling him that his friend, Mompha, who he introduced her to had donated to her charity organisation.

From the chat, Tonto kept her distance after the crossdresser shared a post she believed was a subtle shade at her.

Tonto stated that she shared the chats to prove that she has been asking the male barbie to send his account number since the beginning of the year to be refunded but he refused because he wanted to use it against her.


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