There is no single evidence of God – LGBTQ Bisi Alimi


Popular Nigeria HIV/LGBT activist, Bisi Alimi has made another controversial post about God.

The gay activist and blog writer stated that there is no single evidence of God.

According to him, rather than for Africans to care for and believe in the evidence of slavery and importation of Christianity, they believe more in the evidences of God.

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He wrote:

There is no single evidence of God but Africans believe it.

We have numerous evidence of slavery, and importation of Christianity, but Africans don’t care”.

This isn’t the first time he has undermined God.

During a Question and Answer session with his IG fans, he declared that he has no creator and was only born from sex.

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A fan had asked him if he hated his creator for making a TB.

But he responded by stating he has no creator and his a product of his father and mother sexual acts.

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