The people you look down on ball harder than you think – Dencia writes


Cameroonian singer, Reprudencia Shokey better known as Dencia has cautioned the society against looking down on people with menial jobs.

She opined that majority of those menial workers who the society look down on are high income earners.

According to her, these people actually ball harder than they think because they earn more than those with white collar jobs.

She noted how a house cleaner earns more than a respiratory therapist likewise a hair stylist.

Noting how people desire to be educated to get office jobs, she asserted that life is a scam.

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She believes that the world needs the educated and the talented.

Making money in America. The people u look down on actually ball harder than u think.

An RN at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles makes $28 an hr (terrible pay that’s why people die a lot over there. They work 3 days a week 12hrs shifts that’s only $4k a month (I’m still shook) b4 taxes

A house cleaning group of 3 they charge 450 Per home per week & clean 3 homes daily, in 1 month each person has $9000 ( they mostly take cash) that’s without paying taxes that’s $100k per year, no degrees needed, they don’t even understand English.

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But y’all wanna go to school, come out & make $12-$15 an hour. Man life as a whole issa scam. I guess we need educated folks & Talented folks.

If u do hair, make up etc – u ain’t greedy & charge $150 (the hair stylists we use here charge $700 for install, makeup & go $500 & up, nails $600) but if u come out here charge $150 & do 3 people daily, that’s $150k a year easy”.


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