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The indicators are that the far right Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu is about to fall; that it is inevitable, given the amount of opposition it faces in the settler-colonial state. Such opposition is reflected abroad, especially in the United States, where the Biden administration is embarrassed by its positions. How can Washington provide diplomatic and political cover for a so-called democracy where so many of its citizens take to the streets to demonstrate their opposition to their government’s policies? Strikes have now been added to the protests. The signs are not good for Netanyahu.

However, whatever happens to the current government in Israel, its successor is likely to be no better when it comes to the occupation of Palestine. Politicians on the right, left and center in Israel are on two sides of the same Zionist coin. No one will disagree with the general aims of Zionism — an exclusive Jewish state in occupied Palestine — if they want to be elected. Therefore, war crimes against the Palestinians will continue to be committed, regardless of who is in the prime minister’s seat.

Netanyahu’s extremists approved the law to execute the Palestinians, and changed the “disengagement” law to allow settlers to return to illegal settlements once they were abandoned in the heart of the occupied West Bank. They have increased illegal settlement activity and increased their support for Judaism projects in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The army and police protect extremist settlers, even as they attack and kill Palestinians and destroy their homes. The government has no intention of making peace and ignores international efforts in this regard, and ignores calls to stop settlement activity.

OPINION: All Israeli settlements violate international laws and conventions

Apart from liquidating the Palestinian cause and violating the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, there can be no solution to the conflict in Palestine except through political solutions that end the occupation, restore the rights of the Palestinian people and establish an independent state on the year 1967. borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, based on international resolutions and international law.

Due to the current political crises within Israel with the growth of the opposition, the political compass is now pointing towards US President Joe Biden to make the necessary changes. Can he do it? Any political solution proposed by the White House or anyone else that ignores Palestinian rights and the establishment of an independent State of Palestine will be rejected. The outside world needs to understand the disastrous reality in which the Palestinians are forced to live.

Israeli attempts to forcefully impose a new reality on the Palestinian people are deceptive and doomed to failure. The foundation of the struggle against occupation is about national sovereignty and land. The Palestinian people want to liberate their land, build comprehensive national institutions and have full control over their resources and border crossings. In other words, they want an independent, viable and functional state, as they deserve. In addition, they plan to end all manifestations of the occupation of Palestinian land.

This article was first published in Addustour on 28 March 2023

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