Temmie Ovwasa Opens Up On Her Bitter Experience With Olamide


Former YBNL artiste, Temmie Ovwasa has opened up on what led to her split with her label owner, Olamide.

Temmie was signed to the label in August, 2015 but left in 2020 following conflicts with singer and rapper, Olamide.

The singer who had always called out her former boss for maltreating her, as finally broken her silence on what led to their splits.

According to her, Olamide brought her from Ilorin to Lagos to put her on a platform which he didn’t allow her to shine on. She claimed the singer rejected every shows and offers she gets, stopped her from releasing songs and kept her in his house.

She revealed how she was maltreated by his wife who spoke harshly to her infront of her friends and kids.

She made this known while engaging in a question and answer session with her fans and followers.

When a fan questioned if she still keeps in touch with him, she had a negative response as she recounted his wrong doings.

She further revealed how the singer tried compensating her but her mind was already fucked up.

She noted how fans always see their idols and think everyone should worship them. She reminded them that they are “Real People” who are capable of doing “Real Things”.

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Are you still in touch with @olamide?”.

“That man brought me to Lagos from Ilorin as an 18 year old, put me on a platform then proceeded to reject every show I got, every offer I got, stopped me from releasing songs, kept me in his fucking house with his wife (who spoke to me like I was garbage in front of her friends and kid in the name of “family”).
Put my face on the walk, on an album where the “men” were allowed to be people. He fueled by mind up then tried to compensate for it, I let shit die because I don’t enjoy talking to his minions or being associated with them. Why the fuck would I be in touch with him?
Y’all see your idols and think everyone should worship them, but forget that they are REAL PEOPLE capable of doing REAL THINGS”.

Another fan asked her if she would still love to collaborate or work with Olamide admidst the scandal but she turned it down.

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She stated that she doesn’t want to be associated with their favourites as they are people of questionable character and she has no space in her life for things that doesn’t serve her.

Would you still love to do a collaboration or work with Olamide after the whole saga has been resolved”.

“My trauma is not a “whole saga”. Y’all forget that people feel shit and what might seem like gist to you is actually somebody’s lived reality.
I don’t crave fame and I don’t want to be associated with Men who use their positions to hurt others while carefully curating their public presence to reflect values they do not uphold.
Might seem surprising to you but I don’t want to be associated with your faves, they’re people of questionable character and I have no space in my life for anything that doesn’t serve me.
I’ve tasted fame, been around multimillionaires and I can tell you for a fact, I don’t rate them.
I would love to collaborate with women, with artists from marginalized communities, with non-binary artists, queer people, people who understand art beyond capitalism”.


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