Stop online begging it’s irritating – Peter Okoye


Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye better known as Mr P has lamented over the high rate of beggars on the internet.

The singer noted how many of them get scammed by fraudsters because of their desperate need.

He took to his Twitter page to caution them against falling prey to the fraudsters.

He noted how the scammers pretend to be celebrities who want to do give away but request for their victims to pay an amount of money before getting their gifts

He questioned how someone can easily deceived them by telling them that they have a give away but they have to pay to get it.

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He asserted that the greediness and selfishness on the part of the victims make them fall for it.

Taking to his Twitter account he wrote:

Now! Tweets like this is what this fraudsters are after off. They see how desperate you come online and beg for Money or giveaway and they will take advantage of you! By claiming it’s me and you will fall for it! Stop the fucking online begging! Irritating”.

“Some Nigerians and Giveaway na 5&6 How can somebody tell you that you have won Giveaway and still ask you to pay to receive the money and you pay!….the problem here now is the greedy and selfish victims!”

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“Like I don’t understand some people! Is like me saying I am doing as Giveaway of 100k each but you have to Send me 30k first to receive the 100k
Pls does that make any sense?
Greed to the highest level!!
But they will pay fraudsters and some here to complain!!

“If you dm me again you ve been scammed by this fraudsters using Zoom platform to deceive people all in the name of “Giveaway”
I will BLOCK YOU. How can someone message I that you won money and still tell u to pay to receive your money and you believe them! Like how?”.


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