“Stop asking me when I’m coming back. I feel better when I stay away from the hypocrites and users in Nigeria”,BBN Ike says


BBN reality star,Ike Onyema,has taken to his page to warn critics to stop pestering him.

The reality star who has been on vacation for the past few days have been questioned by inquisitive followers on when he would return to Nigeria.

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He reacted to this by tweeting to his fans, followers and critics that he is not coming back anytime soon as he isnot homesick. He further stated that Nigeria is filled with hypocrites, liars and users which sickens him.

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He wrote,” Goodmorning pls stop asking me when I’m coming back..I’m not getting homesick actually the longer I stay away from the users,liars and hypocrites in Naija the better I feel”.


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