Singer Temmie Ovwasa Slams Nigerians


Former YBNL princess, Temmie O wasa has blasted Nigerians for being two -sided.

The singer stated that she has to constantly choose the amount of ignorance to tolerate while interacting with Nigerians and having relationships with them .

She stated that she has never been to a place without noticing how homophobic, religiously biased, misogynistic, Nigerians are.

She noted how they give unsolicited advice and always use derogatory names to differentiate ethnic groups.

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She wrote via her Instagram page:

Interacting with Nigerians and having a relationship here is constantly choosing the amount of ignorance I wish to tolerate,
I have never entered a room where I didn’t notice red flags, Subtle Misogyny, casual homophobia, Religious biases, albeism, tribalism”.

“If it’s not Misogyny or Homophobia, it’s unsolicited advice, it’s calling a random person from the North “Aboki” in a derogatory way, calling Igbo people “omo Igbo” as a slur, it’s “thanking God” when you see disabled people minding their business, it’s cracking yaba left jokes”.

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She captioned the post with:

“I love y’all but I don’t like a lot of you”.



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