Singer, Falz Slams Governor Sanwo Olu As He Advocates For Justice


Nigeria singer, actor and activist, Folarin Falana a.k.a Falz has advised Lagosians to inform their governor that there is no peace without justice.

Recall that olorinews reported that the singer was invited for a peace walk with the governor which he publicly declined.

In a follow up post to his tweets on his IG, he stated that the governor was trying to deny the existence of a massacred protest that took place in 2020.

He noted how the governor is trying to sweep the reports by the panel under carpet by not doing the right thing.

He asserted that it was disgraceful for him to call for a peace March without implementing the panel’s report.

Please tell your governor that there is no “March for peace” without justice.

He is still trying to deny the massacre that happened. All the lives that were wiped away unjustly.

You set up a panel to investigate the matter. Panel don tell you say people die by the hands of soldiers and policemen wey una send.

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Una still no want do the right thing.

And you’re here asking for a ‘peace march’


Meanwhile, Falz in a series of tweets slammed the government as he noted how Nigerian youths are still being constantly harrassed and extorted by police officials.

He questioned if the governor wasn’t aware of the harassment by police officials since he hasn’t addressed the issue.

Outsmarting him, he made reference to his speech where he stated that “for a city to be smart, it must first be one”, he told him to remember the youths that were killed by his armed forces and how he tried to sweep it under carpet.

He declared that the peace walk is a joke to him as it is disrespectful.

He added that there has been no justice for the lives that were lost and queried how he expects the state to be peaceful without administering justice.

Young Nigerians, till today, are still being constantly harrassed and extorted by police officers!! You were awfully quiet about that. Or are you not aware?
In this same speech, you said “To he a smart city, we first must be a just one”
Remember that young Nigerians that had their lives snatched away by weapons wielded by our own armed forces? You want to sweep that under the carpet? Is that how to establish a just city?
This suggestion of a “walk for peace” sounds like a joke and a very disrespectful one at that.
People were murdered in cold blood and absolutely no idea of justice has been served more than a year after.
How can there be peace without justice?”.

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