Sedona Prince Takes Social Media by Storm Amid Rylee LeGlue Breakup Drama and Cheating Allegations

It’s been several months since basketball player Sedona Prince and TikToker Rylee LeGlue broke up, but their split is still the talk of the town. In July 2022, the lesbian couple called it quits after dating for over a year, calling it a “mutual break-up” as they had separated amicably. However, Sedona Prince was rumored to have cheated on Rylee at the time, according to rumors on social media. Adding fuel to the rumors, Sedona also posted about her past relationship struggles, prompting Rylee to post about how Sedona cheated on her. After Sedona posted a video admitting he was in a relationship with someone else, the drama got even more intense. However her ex-girlfriend cheated on her while they were “on break”.

She apologized and stated that she regretted her actions, but social media still went after her despite her apology. Recently, Sedona Prince allegedly sued Rylee for defamation, prompting his break to make the rounds again on social media. The speculation about Sedona taking legal action against his ex-girlfriend is getting stronger by the day, although no lawsuit has been filed yet. Sedona Prince is a 22-year-old college basketball player since May 2000 from Tucson, Arizona. In addition to TikTok and other social media platforms, she posts videos to raise awareness and create a level playing field for women in sports.

Sedona Prince: Who is she? Rylee LeGlue’s Breakup Drama Test As The Online Cheating Allegations Swell

More than seven months after their split, Sedona Prince and Rylee LeGlue are back in the spotlight, with several Tiktok accounts claiming that Sedona Prince is preparing to sue her ex-girlfriend for defamation. While there’s no question that the two called their split a “mutual breakup,” Rylee LeGlue dropped a bombshell when she said the reason for their split was Sedona’s infidelity. A lot of people are sharing a ruined video of Sedona now saying, Yes, I cheated, I cheated on time, and it was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life. I’m not going to offer you an excuse for cheating because there isn’t one. Things got better when Rylee LeGlue started posting frequently about their relationship. After the revelation, social media users began to take sides, with most of them blaming Sedona for her actions. All of this has fueled speculation that Sedona will sue Rylee LeGlue for defamation. While news of the alleged defamation has spread through several TikTok accounts, neither Sedona Prince nor Rylee LeGlue have formally announced the lawsuit.

Sedona Prince is a college basketball player who rose to prominence after posting TikTok videos. When she made her relationship with TikToker Rylee LeGlue public, she also came out as lesbian. Sedona Prince is famous for documenting her personal journey on TikTok, where she also advocates for women’s equality in sports. Additionally, during the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament, several of her videos went viral on the internet, trying to highlight the difference between women’s and men’s weight rooms. In the video, Sedona Prince revealed that the female teams were only given six dumbbells of different weights, in stark contrast to the abundance of gym equipment available to their male counterparts. Prince has also received many awards for her contribution as a basketball player. These include the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll and McDonald’s High School All-American honors.

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