“Save your tithes and offerings to fund your plan B”, Daddy Freeze says



Following the viral statement of Paul Adefarasin where he urged his congregation to have a plan B should things escalate in the country, Daddy Freeze has taken to his social media page to react to his statement.


Paul Adefarasin while preaching on Sunday, had advised his members to come up with an escape route in how to live the country should mishaps keep rising.


The cleric went on to reveal that his wife was abroad looking for an escape route for them,should anything go wrong in the country.

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Reacting to his statement, Freeze admonished his church members not to pay their tithes, seeds and offerings again as they should use it to find their own escape route rather than fund their pastors own.

He said:

“The scriptures clearly instructs shepherds to lay down their lives for their sheep like Christ did so I’m not understanding this everyone is on his own Christian ideology

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When it’s time to find their projects they come to you and you respond generously with your tithes, seeds, gifts, offerings, and pledges.

But in the time of war, they remind you that you are on your own and advise you to sort yourself out with a plan B. I struggle to find the cohesiveness in this mindset and I’m benumbed that their supporters are cheering them on wanting encore”.


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