Reno Omokri Chides Davido’s Critics



Reno Omokri has taken to his Instagram page to defend singer, Davido following the backlash he received for donating the money to charity.

Many netizens opined that the singer only donated the money after second consideration and to promote his new single.

Responding to them, Reno slammed them for being pathetic haters.

He told them to go though the list of people on the committee who are men and women of standard. He noted how it would have taken the singers days to contact them and get their approval.

He warned people not to cast aspersions on him for his human act is one to be commended.

Those people saying Davido only donated the money as an afterthought are very pathetic haters. Look at the calibre of people on the committee to disburse the funds. It would have taken days, if not weeks to contact them and get their approval to serve on the committee. Those are not hungry people that you just call and incorporate them into such an efforts lightly. This was a carefully thought out act of goodness. Accept it. Davido deserves universal commendation for this. Universal. Nobody, whatsoever, should cast aspersions on him. In out country, we have people who are ten times richer than Davido. And they have not done this. Let’s give honour to whom it is due!”.

Countering his post, a critic averred that it was a thought out promotion plan for his new single.

Carefully thought out plan for his new single”.

Reno Omokri quickly shut him up as he pointed out his foolishness by making reference to how God sacrificed his son, Jesus for him to reap many sons in return.

He averred that Davido was emulating God if he helped thousands of people by promoting his single.

Mocking the critic, he stated that if he released a song it wouldn’t even help him not to talk of others.

He told him to brood over it as he also contemplate how Satan has turned him into a “nattering nabob of negativity”.

He added that he would have asked God to bless him but Satan is already blitzing him.

Dear @alain231,

Let me show you how foolish you are. God sacrificed a Single Son, Yeshua Hamashiach, whom some erroneously call Jesus, and reaped many sons through Him. If Davido helped thousands of people by promoting his single, he has shown that he is a man who emulates God.

And you, even if you release a single today, it may not even help you, how much less others. Think about that, as you contemplate how Satan has turned you into a nattering nabob of negativity.

I would have said God bless you but Satan is already blitzing you”.

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