Reno Omokri Chastises An Intellectually Lazy Twitter User


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has rebuked a Twitter user for being Intellectually backward.

He tackled the Twitter user for asking him the meaning of a word when there is dictionary and Google for him to consult.

Reno Omokri has earlier shared a post where he advised men hoping to get married to have a brain child.

He stated that the first child of a man isn’t his son or daughter, but his brainchild.

He opionated that a man without brainchild shouldn’t get married because he would end up being economically barren despite being biologically fertile.

He noted how a brain child brings cash to feed a man’s family.

He noted how billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey didnt have kids till they were financially stable.

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He tweeted:

“Your first child isn’t a boy or a girl. It is your brainchild. A man without a brain child shouldn’t think of getting married. If you marry without a brain child, you may be biologically fertile, but economically barren.
A brain child brings cash to feed your children. Each of these businesses were the brainchildren of an entrepreneur. Note that Mark Zuckerberg did nit have children until after his brainchild (Facebook) was successful. Jack Dorsey of Twitter doesn’t have children. Yet, you, with no job or business, have multiple children. E choke!”.


An ignorant fan had commented on his tweet asking for the meaning of a brain child.

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What’s a Brain Child”.

Infuriated by his comment, Reno chastise him for being Intellectually lazy.

He told him that he doesn’t spoon feed adults and advised him to consult the dictionary and use his phone.

You have a phone and data. Put those racists, who say that if you want to hide anything from a Black man all you have to do is put it in writing, to shame. Consult a dictionary. That is how you find out the meaning of a word you don’t know. Don’t be intellectually lazy. Apply your education. I am wise. I am not wise and I definitely don’t spoon feed adults”.


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