Rap feud alert! Yung Miami and Mariah The Scientist clash over BMF acting decisions

Yung Miami and Mariah The Scientist has a disagreement regarding the tweet MTS post. Mariah The Scientist appeared to open a can of worms on Friday morning (March 31) when she posted a tweet slamming Yung Miami’s acting abilities on the BMF show. Mariah The Scientist tweeted, I think as I could have said Meech, where is my husband, referring to Yung Miami’s recent cameo on the BMF show. Yung Miami mentioned the post on Friday afternoon, and questioned its meaning.

Trying to figure out what this means [thinking emoji], wrote the City Girls rapper. In response to the uproar caused by his tweet, Mariah The Scientist commented on Twitter and Instagram Live. When she appeared on the popular BMF show earlier this month and gave an understated performance, Yung Miami was the subject of jokes. Yung Miami quickly became a meme, and critics praised Miami’s acting skills less than enthusiastically. Whatever it was, Yung Miami didn’t seem to care.

Yung Miami And Mariah The Scientist Clash About Miami Acting On The BMF TV Series

A simple tweet sparked a battle between Mariah The Scientist and Yung Miami fans. When you’re a celebrity, anything you say or do can be scrutinized. Our ever-expanding, social-media-driven culture pays equal attention to online posts, and even innocuous posts can become controversial. When Mariah The Scientist tweeted about Yung Miami’s BMF appearance today (March 31), she got this response. In a recent episode of the show, the City Girls hitmaker guest starred, creating conversations among viewers. Within days, Miami became a meme, with critics pinning his acting skills on social media. Yung Miami didn’t seem happy with all of this. Although Yung Miami noticed when Mariah wrote, I guess I could say Meech where is my husband? This was one of Yung Miami’s lines in the BMF. A quote-tweet by Yung Miami questioned the meaning of the post on Friday afternoon. The City Girls rapper posted, I’m trying to figure out what this means [thinking emoji]. Since then, Mariah The Scientist has responded to the furor caused by her tweets on Twitter and Instagram Live.

My thoughts on the role and the show are the same as yours, she tweeted. It’s so bad you want me to be controversial. In an Instagram Live video, she elaborated on what she wrote. It’s a problem that I tweet anything off the top every time, Mariah wondered. It doesn’t matter what I say. It seems like I walk around all day asking Meech, where is my husband? Every day, all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that I will always have some beef with me no matter what. It is 100 percent true. What is the reason for that? You don’t like me, I’m sure. That is unfortunate. Yung Miami is my favorite, she continued. There is no doubt in my mind that I love City Gils. Not a shadow of a doubt. I’ve practiced that line 100,000 times, so trust and believe if there’s ever a time when they don’t pick Yung Miami for that, I’ll tell you. After appearing on the popular BMF show earlier this month and giving what many felt was a lackluster performance, Yung Miami was the target of jokes. The rapper from South Florida took clowning positively.

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