Ramadan Sweets From Egypt’s Oldest Dessert Shops

Ramadan Sweets From Egypt’s Oldest Sweet Shops

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Nutella samboosak, kunfa tiramisu, red velvet bass bus cupcake, and cheesecake zalabya Some of the strange-though sometimes delicious Ramadan desserts that have emerged in recent years.

Egyptian bakeries and patisseries have created a fusion of Western and Middle Eastern desserts – producing an endless saga of creative Ramadan desserts.

While the freshness of Ramadan desserts has sparked debates on social media and has been adored by many in recent years, there are Egyptian dessert shops in recent years that demand attention.

From the wonders of aish el-saraya (sweetened bread often drizzled with very sweet syrup and covered in cream) to the delectable simplicity of mango kunfahere are some of the oldest patisseries in Egypt – from Cairo to Alexandria – that offer nostalgia, with reasonable prices too.

Gambling – 1891

In the heart of Cairo, Groppi is one of the most famous and famous cafes in Egypt.

Simonds – 1898

For more than 100 years, Simonds has been a classic dessert shop in Egypt in the heart of Cairo.

Tseppa – 1912

Tseppas of Egypt has been offering a wide range of desserts – from French pastries to oriental sweets since 1912.

Delicacies – 1992

Since 1992, Alexandria’s Delies has been making amazingly delicious desserts.

Patisserie Fluckiger – 1930

In Alexandria and on the North Coast of Egypt, Fluckiger Patisserie is a dessert shop opened by a Swiss pastry chef in 1930.

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