Pretty Mike Reveals What He Has Learnt From Judgemental People


Controversial socialite and entrepreneur, Pretty Mike has revealed what he has observed about judgemental people.

He noted how they always look for means to troll a person no matter how those looks or status.

He asserted that no matter how presentable a person is, people will still find means to judge them.

He also noted how people judge one when he or she is broke and still keeps such attitude when his finances changes. He noted how they would question the person’s source of wealth and wonder what immoral business such person has engaged in.

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No matter how polished your shoes are or how well ironed your clothes are, people will always judge you.
For when your clothes are torn, they will laugh in disgust, but when you appear better and more good looking, their eyes eyes stare with accusations wondering what unholy gains you have made to afford the happy life you live.
Well, hating is free, that’s what small minded people do it so well – This is 2021 and if the opinion of “JUST ORDINARY DUST” still bothers you, then you are the one with the problem my dear”.

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In other news, Pretty Mike had disclosed why he stays away from comment sections on social media.

According to him, the comment section is always a mean place, hence while he avoid it.

He made this known after seeing a comment where a trolled slammed a female celebrity. The troll advising her to go treat her vagina infections.

Noting how unclouthed and uncivilized the trolls, he questioned what they gain from being mean.


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