Pope Francis Hospitalized for Breathing Issues Amid Heart Attack Rumors

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader was recently hospitalized and there are rumors that he suffered a heart attack. Some time back, another rumor about him went viral saying that he had died. However, it all turned out to be fake. But did Pope Francis really suffer a heart attack in 2023?

Read on to find out more about Pope Francis in hospital and heart attack rumors going viral.

Pope Francis went to the hospital after health problems

Recently, a report about Pope Francis, the spiritual leader, suggested that he would be hospitalized on March 29. It all happened when the Pope had difficulty breathing that he had to be taken to the hospital. Not to be missed, the news of the Pope’s hospitalization made everyone wonder what happened to him.

Before that back in 2021, the Pope underwent surgery. Under which part of his colon had to be removed. Although his health problems landed him in the hospital again and everyone is worried about him as reports suggest about the Pope’s health.

What happened to Pope Francis?

According to further updates on Pope Francis’ health, it is being reported that he is being treated for respiratory problems. According to the doctors, the CT scan performed on the Pope diagnosed that his blood saturation level was normal.

Moreover, ANSA, the Italian news agency, reported that the Pope’s heart has no problem with it. Meanwhile, he is only treated for his respiratory infections. Reports suggest that Pope Francis’ condition is not a cause for concern.

Rumors swirled about Pope Francis suffering a viral heart attack

Since then netizens found out that the spiritual leader Pope Francis was recently hospitalized. A rumor is going viral that says the Pope suffered a heart attack. The rumors went viral on the internet and netizens were worried that the spiritual leader would make them react in kind.

However, the reports did not reveal anything like that. Netizens were concerned about the health of Pope Francis. In fact, the netizens prayed for the spiritual leader’s speedy recovery and wished him all the best. Social media was flooded with well wishes for the spiritual leader. Although it is not known when the Pope will be released from the hospital.

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