Pastor Adeboye speaks on son’s death following his funeral service


Pastor E.A Adeboye has released a statement following the funeral service if his son, Dare Adeboye who died in his sleep on Wednesday, May 5.

The cleric took to his YouTube platform to release a message following his burial.

On behalf of his family, Pastor Adeboye thanked those who sympathised with him and his family and showed them support.

He further declared that the death of his son is not unusual as there are many cases of people in the Bible who died at an early age. The pastor cited Jesus and John the Baptist as an example of those whose lives were cut short in Earth by their heavenly father.

He stated that nothings catches Gif unaware as he has a knowledge of everything happenly.

He described his son as a champion , who is like a seed that was sown.

He said:

“Death is not a function of age. Young people die, old people die, children die.

We have also learnt it’s not how long you live, it’s how well.

We have lost a champion..Let us consider him as a seed that we have showed… Let us prepare for a very special harvest.

He captioned the video which he reshared to his Twitter with:

” We lost a General but we didn’t lose God. One man down, we regroup and advance”.






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