‘No Change in the Policy’: Pakistan Dismisses Reports of Trade Ties with Israel

Pakistan’s new Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zahra Baloch (Photo: via Mariana Baabar TW Page)

Pakistan denied reports of trade relations with Israel on Sunday and vowed to investigate any alleged “export” of goods to Israel, with which Islamabad does not have diplomatic relations, the Middle East Monitor reported.

On March 30, the American Jewish Congress (AJC) issued a statement on ‘Trade between the State of Israel and Pakistan,’ claiming that the first shipment from the country had been received in Israel.

“This week, the first shipment of food products of Pakistani origin was unloaded in Israel, in a transaction involving the Pakistani-Jewish businessman Fishel Benkhald, based in the business center of Karachi, Pakistan, and three Israeli businessmen from Jerusalem and Haifa,” the statement. read.

However, Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch dismissed the claims, saying “There is no change in policy,” referring to Islamabad’s stance on having any diplomatic or trade ties with Israel.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce also said “Rumours about the start of Pakistan-Israel trade are pure propaganda. We have not and do not intend to start a trade relationship with Israel nor do we intend to.

Already last year, the Pakistani government dismissed claims of a policy shift towards Israel, following a reported visit by a “Pakistani delegation” to Israel.


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