Nengi gifts fellow housemate Lucy a Six digit figure


BBN 2020 ‘Lockdown’ finalist, Rebecca Hampson, popularly known as Nengi as won many hearts with her gift to fellow housemate Lucy.

Recall that the housemates who were never friends while in the House have shocked many with their display of affection towards each other.

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Nengi gifted the Chef a 6 figure digit to support her food business.

The excited businesswoman took to her Insta story to share the good news while profusely thanking Nengi for her kind gesture.

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She wrote,” I’m screaming… @nengiofficial sent me 6 digit figures to support my business….🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Thanks babe… After you na you. # Lucination just go drop kisses for my girl…”


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