Naija fans must learn to appreciate African fan base – Shatta Wale Blows Hot


Ghanaian rapper and singer, Charles Armah Mensah jnr popularly known as Shatta Wale has reacted to the backlash he received for slamming Nigerian artistes.

The rapper had shocked many when he called out Nigerian artistes for their pride during his Freedom Concert in Accra.

During his performance, he voiced out some issues in the music industry.

He noted how many of his colleagues bow down to Nigerian artistes and treat them like God.

He boldly stated that he doesn’t need any Nigerian artistes to fill stadiums in his country.

He noted how many thought he wouldn’t be able to hold a sold out concert without the inviting Nigerian artistes.

Do know that majority of people in the Ghana music industry are fools? .

They said I wouldn’t be able to fill my own stadiums, u don’t need any Nigerian artistes to sell out Ghanaian stadium, fuck Nigerian artistes”.

He drew lots of social media outrage from Nigerians as they slammed him.

Reacting to it, Wale who was unruffled warned them against comparing him with artistes across the world.

He stated that he would rise right in front of Nigerians like a volcano and burn their shame as they watch his disgrace be his grace.

See his various tweets below,

“I am a different guy. Don’t even compare me to any artiste in the world..if you do that, I will rise right in front of you like a volcano, burn your shame and watch my disgrace be my grace in ur Nigerian face.. This is not a fite, it’s the fucken truth”.

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“I don’t need nigerian music industry to hit, I need to let those so called naija fans and industry players to know.. Gh industry and GH fans supported them when they needed fame so bad, so they should appreciate and say thank you not only to Ghana but Africa as whole!

“One way music and melody…u deh take disturb man for Ghana..
I can’t boldly tell you Naija pple..your one way style…
I have nothing to loose Baba”.

“Nobody is hating anybody here but the way you Naija pple like compare ur artiste to us is absurd.
Sorry for those Naija rats saying they haven’t heard my music before – Yes it’s because I am too ok with the love from Ghana where I was born than a strangers land to intimidate me…”.

“Ask some of your artiste, they come here and flop..I have many shows I can make reference to..some even get arrested here and some to deh chop slaps and you want to talk about stardom to me…Nooooooo sir!!!!!
Let your artiste tell you the truth!!!! “.

“I won’t prove any point of filling a particular place to make me a big star. That’s what you ppl see as stardom…
You don’t even have dancehall artiste….come to Ghana. We have varieties from banku to fried rice and you own indomie we get all”

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“The difference between your artistes and me is dat, I don’t fly to Nigeria to do promo cuz I don’t need it…
I am your Gari, I don’t need advertisement…it’s natural bro…you can’t fight the universe.. you will fail..ask about me”

“One way style ppl everyday if it’s not do (which you stole from ghana) then Nyash deh shake
Am fucking you all till I cum…it’s gob b a long journey broo
Lemme to say thank you!! “.

“Apart from some real G artistes I know in naija, those you call artiste to me are like up and coming that’s how I see them one way style”

“I feel shy when am repeating lyrics..but ur artiste like, “she sayyyy” too much”

“Your artiste see ghana like heaven”

“Anytime I say something about nigeria it hits them hard
You guys sing about live but you don’t have it all na scam”

“Am not a Nigerian
Am a proud Ghanaian

So if you think I will support your nonsense you lie bad!!
The way out artiste support your artiste when they come here, do same, DJ’s, media etc… Learn to appreciate if you don’t have a talent”

“Naija fans must learn to appreciate the African fan base and stop thinking their artistes are superior…
Learn to say thank you if you don’t have that talent”.


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