My mum is my hero, she survived multiple strokes – BBN Uriel Oputa


Reality Star and chef, Uriel Oputa has showered her mother with praises.

The chef recounted all the health challenges her mother had to battle with from surviving multiple strokes, to outliving the time frame for dementia, surviving colon cancer and also corona virus.

She revealed how her mother’s ailment was given a stipulated time frame of 5 to 7 years but her mother has been living with it for 11 years.

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Showing her appreciation to God, she stated that her only wish is to give her mother a grandchild.

According to her, she battles through the thought of giving her mother a child.

Uriel Oputa noted how many ladies would have gotten pregnant if faced with her situation.

She went on to question if such action is morally right or wrong.

My mum is my Hero
She survived Multiple strikes
Outlived the time frame for Dementia which is 5 to 7 years
She’s had Dementia for 11 years
Survived Colon Cancer
Survived Corona last year.
Thank you God”.

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“My only wish is that she stays alive to Carry my Child.
I battle with that thought
Some ladies in my situation would get pregnant anyhow..
Now are they morally Right or wrong”.


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