My mother lost me due to her emotional blackmail – Bisi Alimi warns parents against emotionally blackmailing their kids


LGBTQ activist, Bisi Alimi has revealed what caused a fall out between him and his mother.

Bisi Alimi disclosed that his mum lost his respect after she emotionally blackmailed him while growing up.

He stated that he can never patch things up with her despite her efforts to fix the damages.

He advised other parents against following his mother’s footsteps as a day would come when the veil would be removed and the kids would turn against them.

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He admonished to allow their lay off for a while, ask their kids questions and make efforts to understand them.

He added that their kids aren’t accessories for them to mould into their replicas.

He wrote via his Instagram stories:

My mother lost me due to her emotional blackmail.
You can only emotionally blackmail your kids for as long as you can.
One day the veil will be lifted and they will walk away from your toxic behavior”.

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“Now she is the one trying her best to get me back but sad to say the ship has sailed.
Parents, stop using emotional blackmail to get your kids attention”.

“You can do more by staying back, getting curious, asking questions and trying to understand your kids”.

“They are your kids not your toy or play dough that you can mould into a minion version of you”.


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