“My husband is my God”, Angela Nwosu says


Controversial sex therapist, Angela Nwosu, has taken to her social media page to describe her husband as her God.

The soon to be mum, took to her Facebook page to gush over her husband in a lengthy post.

The therapist showered her husband with praises for taking good care of her and their unborn child.

Sharing a photo of her on the bed, Angela Nwosu calls her husband her “God”. She stated that she would continue to adore, worship & honor him and be submissive to him as she cannot give him material things since he already has them.

She wrote:

A girl is like an egg that deserves to be handled with care. A pregnant woman is like a full crate of egg that deserves to be handled with extra care.

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Turning on bed effortlessly is a luxury you will miss, when you get pregnant. Not sleeping on your back and belly, only on both sides. Sometimes, the pains on the sides will hit at once and you will either sit or stand through the night until the pain subsidies for you to lay down again. You need to experience it, to understand.

God bless the man I call an earth God. My God that is always there for me, without a single complain. I don’t know what to do or give to him for being the best. Should I give him a house? He has enough. Should I give him a benz? He already has that and another. What material things should I give him that he doesn’t have enough? None!

I guess I will continue to give him my whole life. Adore, worship, honor and submit to his every guidance and control of my life, with pure happiness. If I had the world I would hand it over to him without a second though or public opinion.

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My husband is my God”.

Her post has generated lots of mixed reactions as many blast her for calling her husband her God.

Angel who was clearly unbothered with the backlash reiterated that her hubby was her God and not theirs.

She wrote:

” I said my husband is my God! Not your God or our God. So before you come to correct me about small or capital letter, keep that in mind. My God is not your God. Letters are just letters time and this is about me No negative energy allowed”.



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