Mossad says it foiled Iranian-Pakistani attack on Israelis in Greece

Israel’s prime minister’s office said on Tuesday that the Mossad spy agency helped Greece tackle a cell in Iran that was planning to launch terrorist attacks against Israeli nationals in Athens. Earlier in the day, Greek authorities revealed that they had arrested two Pakistani nationals who were allegedly planning mass terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets in the country.

The official statement said that Mossad helped Athens in the “grave business”, including finding links to Iran between the two arrested Pakistani suspects.

“After starting the investigation of the suspects in Greece, Mossad helped to sort out the intelligence of the infrastructure, the methods of operation and the connection with Iran,” the spy agency said. Mossad claimed that the suspects were part of “a wide network in Iran that operates from Iran and from many countries.”

“This is another example of Iran trying to use terror against Israeli and Jewish targets abroad,” he said.

Greek police had issued a statement earlier in the day confirming that a terror cell had been dismantled. “Following coordinated actions by the Greek police and the National Intelligence Service, a terrorist network that, from abroad, was planning strikes against carefully selected targets on Greek territory was dismantled,” he said.

The goal of the cell, he continued, was “not only to cause the death of innocent citizens, but also to undermine the sense of security in the country, while hurting and threatening public institutions. [Greece’s] international relations.” Police said the network had “already chosen the target of the attack” and was planning how to carry it out.

Anonymous Greek police sources told The Associated Press that the men were targeting a building that houses a synagogue and a Jewish restaurant. Greek daily Kathimerini reported that Pakistani terrorists planned to attack Israeli or Jewish targets with a gas cylinder explosive, while they were able to find firearms.

In 2021, a Pakistani national was among those arrested in Cyprus for planning to kidnap and murder Israeli businessman Teddy Sagi. At the time, Israel accused Iran of involvement in the plot. Last June, the Mossad and its Turkish colleagues succeeded in preventing three Iranian attacks targeting Israeli civilians in Istanbul.

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