Morgan Freeman: “Fake video” of actor goes viral, allegedly “blasting” President Biden

A video is going viral on the internet claiming that Morgan Freeman criticized Joe Biden. Although this is not the first time that such rumors about Biden have appeared on the internet. However, this time it’s about Biden being delicious by Morgan which makes netizens react the same. But is it so?

Read on to learn more about the video that goes viral claiming that Morgan Freeman criticized Joe Biden.

A video of Morgan Freeman slamming Joe Biden is going viral on the internet

Although getting rumors about Joe Biden is nothing new. Earlier also we came across many such rumours. One of them even claimed that the President fell from the stairs. However, another viral video is now claiming that Morgan Freeman criticized Joe Biden.

The viral video went viral on social media with millions of views. Some of the netizens even believed that the video that showed the man was Morgan Freeman. But was the viral video about Morgan Freeman real?

Did Morgan Freeman criticize Joe Biden?

It all came to light after Stew Peters, host of The Stew Peters Show, shared a tweet along with the clip saying “Morgan Freeman BLASTS Joe Biden for being an incompetent fool who loves ice cream”. however posted by TikTok user @luispabon60.

@luispabon60 ♬ original sound – Luis Pabon

But even before that, it was a video coming from another TikTok user @themanofmanyvoices. The user makes videos with filters that can change the face to that of several public figures. Although it looks more realistic, it even imitates the star’s voice.

So, the viral video claiming Morgan Freeman slamming Joe Biden was not real and the man in the video was not Freeman.

How to deal with fake news on the Internet?

Although we all use the internet to get news about something. Not every piece of information available on the internet is true. Some of the news on the internet is even fake and misleading. It will not only affect you but also others you pass it on to.

So, when you come across a piece of information, check its authenticity. Where that turns out to be fake. You must report the same on the internet or social media platforms when you get that information. This will prevent further spread of fake information.

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