Mompha why are you acting innocent on the gram – Bobrisky Fires Back


Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky has taken to his social media page to lash out at billionaire businessman, Mompha for denying him in public.

While reacting to the feud between Bobrisky and his ex bestie, Tonto Dikeh, Mompha had warned him to avoid mentioning his name in his fight and to stop clout chasing.

In the chat, Bobrisky had blasted Tonto for not informing him that the billionaire had sent her money to support her foundation’s pet project.

Mompha took to his own page to sternly warn the crossdresser not to mention his name in any of his feuds on social media.

He stated that Bobrisky was only trying to smear and ridicule his personality before the world.

He averred that the crossdresser was the one who informed her that Tonto accused him of being too stingy which he refuted as untrue.

He revealed that he gave the sum of money to her foundation when she pleaded with him to support her foundation’s pet project.

He affirmed that Tonto Dikeh is just a friend like every other friends while he denied been acquainted with Bobrisky.

Mompha wrote:

My attention has been drawn to a statement credited to Idris Okuneye (aka “Bobrisky”), which is currently receiving traction across the social media. In the said statement, Bobrisky stated that I gave Tonto Dikeh the sum of N300,000.00 without his knowledge. I wish to state that this is not only untrue, but a deliberate attempt by Bobrisky, who is notorious for seeking attention through every means (including blackmail), to smear and ridicule my personality before the world. Rather, it was Bobrisky who informed me that Tonto Dikeh accused me of being too stingy, which I refuted as untrue. The truth is that I only gave the sum of N300,000.00 to Tonto Dikeh for her foundation when she pleaded with me to support her pet project. It has however come to my knowledge that Bobrisky was actually at loggerheads with Tonto Dikeh, and resorted to use my name to discredit her before the general public you know that Tonto Dikeh is just a friend like every other friends I have both within and outside Nigeria, and there is nothing hidden in my friendship with Tonto Dikeh or anyone whatsoever. Therefore, I am using this medium to sound a note of warning to Bobrisky, to desist from mentioning my name in any fight he might have with Tonto Dikeh or anyone whatsoever as he is not my friend and I do not waste my precious time on frivolities. Any further attempt by Bobrisky to drag me into his issues will be addressed by my lawyers in court. PS. I want it to be in the public that I, Ismail Mustapha, as a devoted Muslims and a family man have never associate myself with homosexuality and My faith forbids it”.

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Bobrisky fired back with:

Mompha, you and I know I don’t follow no blogger, I mind my business. I could remember when blogger posted that news then you were d first person to push it to my dm and you were saying all sort of thing, I wonder y you are all acting all innocent on gram now. I don tire self for all of una with dis una two face. Well don’t push me to post more cos it will be bloody. Bye for now.

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I will let you all believe anything you want too..but tell Mompha and co to watch their mouth.

Dis same mompha warn me not to be friends with Anita Joseph till now Anita didn’t hear anything from my mouth, just because I’m matured to keep a conversation…but when you come out to disrespect me and come to my dm to kiss my ass that is not fair people need to know who you are so they can be more careful. Mr Muslim”.


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