Max FM 102.3 hits 2 Million Radio Listeners Everyday


The team of Max 102.3 FM are clearly in a joyous mood as record shows that the TVC radio station reaches 2 Million Radio listeners Everyday.

This is surely a big feat for the radio station in an highly competitive industry. This new record sets the radio station as one of the best in Nigeria.

TVC Communications which is the umbrella of TVC, TVC news, Max FM Lagos and Abuja as well as Adaba FM announced the to the media. The Communication network stated that it’s radio station exceeded 2 Million listeners per day according to the latest official report from AMPS radio rating for March, 2021.

This is surely a big win for the station which has been on air for almost 4 years. It’s sister station Max FM, Abuja is also following closely behind as it’s reaches over half a million listeners in a day.

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According to AMPS, Max FM Lagos improved tremendously from it’s 150,000 daily listeners to 2,045,342 per day with a market share of 22%.

The CEO of TVC Communications, Andrew Hanlon said, ” In less than four years on air, Max FM Lagos has performed beyond our expectations with significant year on year growth, now ranking as the 5th largest station of 40 in the commercial capital. Similarly, Max FM Abuja is powering ahead of it’s competitors with a very impressive market share”.

“Consistency of programming quality and a highly motivated team if employees is helping to make Max FM a great radio for national brands and advisers”.

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Mavin Arimi, the Acting General Manager chipped in and stated that in an industry filled with diversed radio stations, getting one with quality and entertainment is hard and Max FM is surely one who have both.

He said, “In an industry filled with different radio stations and platforms, getting a radio station that sticks to quality and entertainment is hard. But when you get one, you have just found a gem…and that is Max FM. We are glad that Max FM has continually proven to be the station thathas the right music and entertainment content that our target audience love to listen to”.

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