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Grandfather Lyrics by Masicka

Hear mi ah seh enuh, mi grandson
Weh yuh seh, grandfather?
Mi wan’ show yuh how badness work inna my time
Wi do tings different, yuh zeet?
Watch ah style
Ah gwan show yuh how wi deal wid people
Y’ear dat?
Look yah

Ah informer dem, yah suh dem talk plenty
Lif’ up di belly ah di beast weh carry half century
Mek ah juve’ buss him head weh barely pass 20
Bines ah rip up yuh Gucci, buss up yuh dawg Fendi
Wi full ah metal like ah welder, wi nuh do carpentry
Wul ah dem ah tun on, ‘mount ah back up when di Sarge sen’ fi
Solid dat ah lick inna farid, yuh nah fall gently
Man ah drop and wi nuh care, yuh know wi heart empty
Short man walk down wid ah spinnaz, what ah rass entry
But di juvenile dem safe, wi nah [?]
Nuh wild shot, draw him out, ’cause wi want dem see
See big man ah bawl, ‘nobody cyan help mi’
Gunman ah bawl fi Jah to how dis ah claat healthy
Bwoy tink seh dem safe ’cause dem boss wealthy
Wan’ see him buy him back, pussy gwan tempt wi
Bury dem ’round deh suh man, sumn pass Senti

Mi grandson, wi nuh buy shot fi waste it
Strap wid ah old .14, back to basic
Trigger happy, any pussy mi spot, mi erase it
Nah kill nuh woman, gi’ har di cock if taste it
Gun bag cyan get nuh strap, mi play sick
Bare murderers out without di basic
Guns out, yuh see dem house? Mi aguh shake it
Family ah run up and down, dem haffi stay fit
Grandson, yuh hear dem talk bout di ‘K kick? (Yeah)
‘Bout dem mek brain fly like ah spaceship?
Dem guh end up like Jack pon di same ship
Titanic sinking, mi point and mi aim it

Suh tru yuh tink yuh bleach yuh face, yuh tough?
Tru yuh grow inna di place, yuh tink yuh rough?
Without di thousand man dem fraid, anuh di first
And if mi buck yuh one ah way yuh jelly buss
Watch yah, ah gun bag, dem just start do di dust
Wi rough from bottle-boom, ah one pop, yuh know di stuff
Wi guh fi bwoy, and if mi n’ave nuh car, mi wul di bus
Mi dress up like mi going to work, ah [?] mi wul yuh first
Mi pop it off, ah nothing pretty, mi know it rust
Shake up di city, death is ah must
Anuh killa dem a licky-licky, easy fi flush
Weh yuh know yuh just guh trick him Nicky, bring him to dust

Getting old now mi yute, soon gone
Load up di clip and keep yuh shoes on
Before yuh buss ah head, yuh seh two Psalm
Yuh know Jah wi’ forgive yuh fi ah few corn
Seh dem ah try bad, but it lukewarm
Dem ah cartoon, yuh murder Jerry, shoot Tom
Wul dis, mi nuh put strap inna fool palm
Gwan run it off fi mi, grandson.

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