Mark Levin: Joe Biden ‘Not a Moderate — He Is Bernie Sanders in Joe Biden’s Face Mask’

On Monday, during an appearance on the FNC’s “Hannity Show,” conservative speaker Mark Levin blasted President Joe Biden over his administration’s response to current economic conditions that have led to the collapse of a few regional banks.

Levin said Biden’s response showed he was not a moderate and likened him to his Democratic primary rival in the 2020 election, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Hannity: Now here with his take on all of this, he hosts the weekend premiere, Life, Freedom and Levin’, the great show Mark Levine is with us.

Great one, how am I? It was great to be on your radio show.

Mark Levine, host of “Life, Freedom and Lean”: Listen, anytime you want, Mondays only. You know, Sean, as far as Newsom goes, I thought he was banning petroleum products. Apparently, except for his hair, did you notice? Reparations, it’s so much fun.

So the people who never owned slaves should pay the people who never owned slaves. You have people who came to this country after a long period of civil war, how are we going to deal with this? But even more than that, I think they’re on to something about this reparations issue.

I’ve always said this. The Democratic Party must pay compensation. The Democratic Party is the party of the Confederacy. It is the party of slavery. It is the apartheid party and now it is also the poverty party because it impoverishes people from coast to coast. So I think the Democratic Party should pay compensation.

It’s amazing to me, the Democratic generals, the Democratic president of the Confederacy, the Democratic relics being reported, people saying taking down the Confederate flag, well, well, how the Democratic Party gets away with all of this when the political establishment is behind all of this. So my point is payout. Democrats pay your compensation to whoever you want.

Now to Biden, when you take the dumbest man in the Senate and pin him in the Oval Office, you have the dumbest man in the Oval Office. Joe Biden is economically illiterate. Joe Biden is the man who said we need to spend more money to beat inflation. When he took office, as I said, there was no inflation, interest rates were minimal, and now they have gone too far.

Joe Biden has destroyed our banking system. It has ruined our diet. Our immigration system has been destroyed.

Our student loan system has been destroyed. Our energy system has been destroyed. Our sports system has been destroyed.

He thinks it’s Roosevelt, but I think it’s more of Herbert Hoover. Moreover, it takes these autocratic powers – you know, at least Mussolini got the trains running on time. This jerk can’t make trains run on time, airlines fly on time, or anything that needs to be done on time, as a matter of fact.

I’m very upset about this because he proposed a $6.9 trillion budget, which is huge with tax increases close to $5 trillion, he’s playing the Marxist class war nonsense about rich vs. poor, which sucks for nothing. This does not bring food prices down, it does not bring down gasoline prices, and it does not remove crime from our streets. He does not believe in boundaries. It does none of these things.

He’s constantly throwing shiny things out there for people to chase, when in fact he’s the shiny thing we need to focus on. He’s a one-man wrecking ball and he’s been wrecked a lot and that’s fine with this country, it’s not over. He is not moderate.

It’s Bernie Sanders in a Joe Biden face mask. That’s what it is. He is an extremist, and by being an extremist, he has destroyed this country.

Now, we talk about diversity, equality, and inclusion. This bank was primarily a bank of the Democratic Party. He was doing everything the Democratic Party wants all of our financial institutions to do, all of our businesses to do, which is this stupid diversity, equity, inclusion, that is against diversity, against true equality, and definitely against inclusion.

They poured all this money into it. I want to remind people that Joe Biden is still pushing for corporate ESG. This means instead of investing in good faith and rationally, in prudent investments for people who have pensions etc., that they will be able to invest in this Marxist socialist propaganda as a matter of federal law.

And so, the Republicans in Congress said no, and Joe Biden refused, they can. So we support the destruction of the country, the taxpayers are paying for all this. Joe Biden claims he does it for the little guy, all autocrats always claim they do it for the little guy.

And one of the courtiers, while he was bashing the rich, got rich from the Communist Chinese. He doesn’t seem to care much about it, and he created two S corporations so he wouldn’t have to pay Medicare taxes and Obamacare taxes.

We have the worst person in the Oval Office imaginable setting this country on fire economically, politically, militarily and socially.

That’s it. i’m done.

Hannity: Well, I had one request. I have a few questions. I want to continue.

Levine: Yes. Yes sir.

Hannity: All right. So here’s the guy who says he won’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, but nonetheless raises taxes on gas, oil, and coal. It raises taxes on pensions and retirement plans. It raises corporate taxes.

Mark, you don’t need to go to MIT or Harvard Business to find out about corporations, they don’t pay those taxes. They pass this cost onto us, the people, the consumer.

Now we have a bill for what it’s like to finally bail out a billionaire for his friends in Silicon Valley and these companies, you know, every other American has to live with a system with only two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of FDIC insurance. So he says the American people will not pay for this.

Who – who’s going to pay that, Mark? And why is he out on bail – why is he allowed to bail out these banks without congressional approval with that kind of money?

Levine: It shouldn’t be, look, this particular bank was backing 1,550 technology companies, according to The New York Times, that were focused on hydrogen battery storage projects and solar energy. That is why he will save them all. These are democrats.

People wonder, how can billionaires be democrats? Because most of them are not real capitalists. They feed on the government. They are supported by the government.

So they are going to build these companies on solar and so on, and vote for Democrats, because the Democrats are taking the money from the producing companies that are already well run and giving it to these fake entities that they have created, the Potemkin villages that they have created.

And you know what? Things will only get worse with this guy. Electricity shortages, oil shortages, food shortages and people coming over the border again and again. Why? Because he’s an idiot, that’s why.

Hannity: Now, I’m really done.

Good. Mark, the great Mark Levine, thank you.

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