“Love yourself until you can fix what you don’t love”, Blessing Okoro advises women on loving their natural bodies



Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has advised her female followers on the need to appreciate and love their natural bodies.

The socialite who embraces her natural body and is against plastic surgery has reminded ladies on what normal bodies look like.

According to her, it is okay for a woman to have an imperfect body. She went on to advised women on the need to love themselves until they can fix themselves.

She wrote:

Gentle reminder to some of you who have forgotten what normal bodies look like, and you are now carried away by photoshoots and liposuctions

  Dear Woman                                                 It’s ok to have a flappy tummy                    Flappy arms                                                    Stretched marks                                              Sagged boobs                                                  Dark armpits                                                    Dark spots                                                        Small ass                                                        Small boobs                                                      And all those imperfections you hide.           A lot of people you admire are just good with filters. Love yourself until you can do what you don’t love..                                         Natural things are not abnormal”.

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