Ka3na reaches out to suicidal fan who tattooed her name on her back


The Boss Nation queen, Ka3na has finally reached out to obsessed fan after facing several online backlash.

The queen of clout chasing had taken to her page to request for a fan to tattoo her name on their body but after a female fan of hers shows her loyalty and love to her by doing so, she rebuked the lady.

The backlash led to the said fan attempting suicide by drinking poisonous substance. The reality star who got hold of the news called the fan out as she lambasted her for being desperate.

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Following the criticism from fellow celebrities and Netizens, the CEO apologized to her and asked for her contact details. The reality star further stated she regrets her actions as she doesn’t want her fans to indulge in it.

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She wrote:

I made a request for it on social media which is now regrettable. However, I still do not wish for anyone to have tattoos of me on their bodies.

My dear fan ( yet to know your name ) kindly reach out to me on my official email. I care ♥️ & 💡”.

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