Justin Bieber Retirement Rumors Receive Backlash from Disappointed Fans

Fans are disappointed with online news that says Justin Bieber is considering an early retirement from the music industry. Justin Bieber has millions of fans around the globe. Who keeps waiting for his tracks and shows often. However, since then diagnosed with a syndrome. He is keeping his health a priority.

Read on to find out more about fans disappointed with the news of Justin Bieber quitting the music industry.

Justin Bieber is said to be quitting the music industry

Justin Bieber has a huge fan base. Although the singer was famous at a young age. He recently turned 29 and even shared some pictures of the celebration on social media. However, he canceled his highly anticipated tour last time. Which really upset his fans about it.

Justin Bieber told fans when his tour was canceled that he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. That affected him in such a way as to give him facial paralysis. A job Justin took a break to focus on his health.

More about the reports claiming Justin Bieber’s retirement

The reports claiming that Justin Bieber retired from the music industry at the age of 29 came from Radar Online. The sources said about the singer that he wants to “escape from the light” with his wife Hailey Bieber.

A close friend of the singer said “Justin hasn’t felt right with the world for a while, and it’s weighing him down”. The singer’s therapist has even recommended a break. But all these reports about Beiber’s retirement are forcing fans to react on social media.

Fans were left disappointed after reports of Justin Bieber quitting the music industry

After fans found out about the reports of Justin Bieber retiring from the music industry at the age of 29. Fans were upset and disappointed to know that. In fact, they are sharing their disappointment on social media. Twitter after the reports of Justin’s retirement, users reacted.

As one fan wrote “No Noo Noooo! This cannot be happening. Please tell me Justin Bieber’s retirement is a rumor”. Not to forget, rumors of his retirement came after Beiber sold his entire music catalog for $200 million.

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