John Pork TikTok meme sparks concern after reports of his alleged death

The John Pork meme man is repeating a viral trend on TikTok as the “John Pork Calling” meme. Although John Muiceoil, the popular viral meme man from 2018. He is still another time trending on social media especially TikTok for his meme call. Well, in case you haven’t come across this trend yet. Then here we are to inform you.

Read on to know more about the John Pork Calling meme trends on TikTok.

Who is the John Pork meme man?

Social media gets different memes on a daily basis to go viral. In fact, some of those memes even make a particular character go viral on the internet as well. As we noted with John Pork. John Porky is a viral meme character that resembles an anthropomorphic pig with a human body and a pig’s head.

The viral character is a virtual influence and got his initial Fame back in 2018. As he appeared on Instagram with the username @/john.pork. Although he is a famous character on the internet, his true identity remains a mystery. Not to be missed, some rumors about the character have also gone viral in the past.

John Pork Calling meme trends on TikTok

Although the John Pork meme character first went viral in 2018. Years later the character is back again in a trend and this time it is under a new trend “John Pork Calling”. Yes, a viral trend of John Pork Calling is making everyone fall for it these days.

In this trend, users show their phones with a call from John Pork. The video on TikTok showed users getting screens on their phones as if John Pork is calling the user. So the trend has gone viral on TikTok. With many users showing the same call screen.

More about the Guy John Pork meme

It’s not just Pork John meme trends that have gone viral on TikTok or social media. But before this even some rumors about the Guy meme have gone viral. As in one of the rumors about Pork John, it was said that John is just a Technoblade. But that could not be proved.

Another rumor about John Muiceoil’s death went viral on the internet. That being said the meme man was found dead in Atlanta. However, it was not true at all. Meanwhile, right now, everyone is sharing videos of the “John Pork Calling” meme trend and sharing the videos.

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