Jim Iyke paid me 3.6 million to promote Bad Comment – Uche Maduagwu Reaveals How Much He Was Paid To Stage Fight With Jim Iyke


Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has precisely revealed the amount of money he was paid by his senior colleague, Jim Iyke to stage a fight with him.

This is coming hours after Jim Iyke revealed during an interview with Chude Jideonwo that his online spat with Uche was staged.

He stated that he paid the actor handsomely to help him promote his new movie, Bad Comment.

Recall that In August, Uche Maduagwu made a controversial statement about the actor as he questioned his source of wealth.

He stated that the actor’s expensive lifestyle is questionable as he rides the latest automobile.

He called on EFCC to probe the actor and went on to call him a ritualist.

He said:

“I no understand why them never put me for best dressed for Nollywood. Everytime Hushpuppi, Cubana, Jim Iyke. Do you know what they do yo make their money? Especially Jim Iyke.
I want make them catch that Jim Iyke. Small thing he go disappear come back and money full ground. If he is not a ritualist where does he get money?
Go and look at the car he is driving and where he is living. Very expensive. Where is he getting money if he’s not a ritualist”.

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His post had gone viral and many lambasted him for it.

Days after, a video surfaced online of Jim Iyke confronting the actor at his office over his post.

The post made rounds on the internet as many hailed Jim for beating him.

Shockingly, all that was planned as Jim had a sit down with Jude and addressed the fight.

He said:

It was orchestrated. I wanted them to paint a picture of what it is like in the social media ecosystem. I can orchestrate anything and you would perceive it. It is about perception”.

“That would show you that that world is so real. There is nothing that exists in that world. I called the man, we had an understanding, paid very well for it, wrote the script, called Moses in and we shot it”

“I’m about to release the ending of it. I cannot be that stupid. I can never make that mistake. I even called my sister the day before we shot it and said it would backfire and she said no it won’t”.

Though, Jim didn’t disclose the amount of money he paid the actor.

Uche Maduagwu took to his Instagram page to reveal that amount he was paid.

He revealed that he was paid N3.6 million for it and an added 1.2 million when the video went viral.

Uche described himself as the most talked about movie star and the biggest brand influencer.

He referred to Jim as his big brother, and noted how he saw potentials in him and saw the power in his influencing skills.

He wrote :

He paid me 3.6 Million Naira
To promote Bad Comment movie
And added extra
1.2 Million after it Went viral….
I am not just the Most talked about Movie star for Africa I am the biggest Brand Influencer”.

“Jim Iyke is like a big brother to me. He saw potentials in me, today bad comment #movie became the biggest cinema film in 2021 because he saw my brand influencing power and worked with me, Mr Moses is a great director too. I influence #brands to success because Na me be the most talked about movie star for Africa”.


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