Is our religiosity genuine – Reno Omokri writes as he tackles religion in Nigeria


Reno Omokri has  opinonated that religion has made many Christians lackdaisical about work.

The advocate advised Nigerians to start working hard and stop praying for food since God has given them all the resources they need.

Reno Omokri also question our religiosity as Nigerians pay more attention to unworthy things and yet still claim to be religious.

Taking a swipe at BBN housemate Angel, Reno Omokri noted how BBN season 6 housemate, Angel’s flashing of her private parts became the trending topic in Nigeria. He countered Nigerians for criticising pron hub for stating that Nigerians are the most watching nation, he noted how Angel’s topic just proves it.

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He wrote:

We must stop praying for food when God gave us fertile land, strong hands, and bountiful rains. Religion has made us look to God to do for us what God expects us to do for ourselves. Let us stop being religious and start being faithful in using our gifts. And is our religiosity even genuine? One girl flashes her privates on BBNaija and that is the trending topic. Meanwhile, when pornhub released data that proves we are the most porn watching nation, we reject it. This is why I say religion is very different from faith and spirituality is absolutely not the same as Godliness”.

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