Instagram audio billionaire – Bobrisky Fires At Mompha


As the drama between businessman Mompha and popular crossdresser, Bobrisky continue to hit up, the latter has shared private chats between the two to refute his claims.

Recall that Mompha vowed to wage war against the crossdresser whenever he visits Lagos and stated that the crossdresser was in the habit of begging from him.

Bobrisky has shared screenshots of private chats between them to expose his fake lifestyle.

Refreshing your memory, the fight was ignited when Tonto Dikeh shared a chat where the crossdresser blasted her for not informing him that the businessman had sent millions to her to support her foundation’s pet project.

Mompha who didn’t like drama warned the crossdresser to stop clout chasing with his name.

He denied been friends with him and trashed him for constantly clout chasing with his name.

Bobrisky fired back as he shared screenshots of chats between the two to prove that he was a liar.

In one of the chat, Mompha had warned Bobrisky to stay apart from Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph.

Hitting back, Mompha had claimed that he met the crossdresser in March 21st in his house for the first time because he had invited him and his friend for lunch.

He added that the second time he met him was on his birthday and that was the last time they met.

He advised the crossdresser to flee from the state anytime he arrives Lagos cause he would fight him.

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March 21st 2020 was my first time meeting bobrisky in my life in his house with my friend campmoney we went there cos he invited us for lunch and August 31st 2020 on his birthday was my second and last time meeting bobrisky!!!! I don’t know if having lunch in someone house was a crime.
My advice to you Bob is for now just runaway from me cos anytime I come to lagos there will be war cos I really have ur time Can’t forget the pain both of you and Oye caused me”.

Tonto was never my friend it was same you bob who introduce her to me and it was same you bob who told me Tonto was talking shit about me which made me dislike her then in the voicenote I purposely didn’t unsend it cos I want you to have something to post which shows I was asking you to gist me what happened!!!!
You unsend many things in our chats Cos you thinking Tonto is my friend now.
Baba the question is did I knack you or not show proof and stop beating about the bush and you even said you have more to post please post it.
Cos your punishment dey increase beg beg dirty boy he can beg money for africa”.

Bobrisky shared proof to counter his claims that he always begged him for money and also called him out for his fake lifestyle as he noted how he always borrow and rent cars in Dubai to flaunt on social media.

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In one of the chats, Mompha begged the crossdresser to bring his car for him to use and in another, he asked him to prepare food for him.

He wrote:

Mompha you said I asked you for money? From did dm who is asking who for gift now? Instagram audio billionaire. Y do you all lie so much. When you were in Lagos who borrowed you one of my car to drive? Fake life on d gram”.

“Anytime you are in Lagos, I borrow you my car, I will take it to car wash for you, asked my driver to bring it to your hotel whenever you are done with it you will come and park it…y do you all like to use me cos of my money and come to Instagram to still insult me haaa I fear una awon audio billionaire renting cars in Dubai for the gram. Come to Lagos and buy the cars now”.

“You didn’t ask all ur Lagos girlfriends to cook for you I resemble ur wife abi
Next time you are in Lagos you better fly ur girlfriend come cos I’m not ready to cook for any audio billionaire”.


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