How is asking for a man blasphemy? – Eva Alordiah


Nigerian rapper and singer, Eva Alordiah has revealed her prayer point for the new year.

The singer took to her stories to demand for a personal dick.

Following her post, many religious critic bashed her for her statement.

Reacting to it, she questioned how praying for a man has become a state of blasphemy.

She questioned if it was because she specifically asked for a personal penis and wondered if it wasn’t God who created it.

She blasted them for their hypocrisy and noted how she always tries to avoid religious people because of their problems and baggages.

She noted how their way is always the best and how they are always rigid, stiff, uptight and full of hate .

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See her posts below,

Holy Dick
1Phallus that belongs to you, that is yours and yours alone

2. Phallus that you can have to yourself whenever and however you want.

3. Phallus that is available to be used by you and only you.

4. Your personal penis”.

“God of Elisha!! Provide it for me in 2022 I pray Amen!”.

“Why is praying for a Man blasphemy? Is it because I specifically asked for a Personal Penis? Ooohhh so God did not create the penis? You people and your hypocrisy will not spoil my plantain and beans in 2022. Tufia”.

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“I stay away from overtly religious people as much as I can. They come with all sorts of problems and baggage and they are very hard of hearing.

Their way is always the only way. They are very stiff, uptight and amazingly full of hate”.

“I’m good by myself until I start entangling with humans and the human problem.

I love y’all but my vibe is right on its own.
Now crawling back to my cave and setting my page to private”.


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