Genocidal China Launches ‘Global Civilization Initiative’ to Promote ‘Tolerance’

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Wednesday announced the launch of the so-called “Global Civilization Initiative,” a plan to create a “global network for dialogue and cooperation among civilizations” in pursuit of “diversity” and “tolerance.”

China is currently engaged in the genocide of multiple ethnic groups, most notably the Uyghur people of occupied East Turkistan. The CCP has also implemented multiple laws in the past decade aimed at erasing local cultures, particularly in East Turkistan, Tibet, and Inner Mongolia, forcibly separating children from their families, imposing alien Mandarin on local cultures, and essentially banning any language. Religion is not directly regulated by the state.

Despite China’s prominent role as a global leader in genocide since at least 2017, Xi Tell The leaders gathered for a virtual meeting on Wednesday between Chinese Communist Party leaders and others sympathetic to the cause Beijing wants to lead in “defending common human values.” Xi listed these, according to the state-run Global Timesin the name of “peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom”.

“Xi stressed that tolerance, coexistence, exchange and mutual learning among different civilizations play an indispensable role in advancing the modernization of mankind and making the garden of world civilization flourish.” times Transferred, “because the future of all countries is closely linked to the present.”

The dictator did not spell out exactly how the Global Civilization Initiative would promote those values, or what kind of institutions or events it could consist of. To the extent that Chinese media reports elaborate on the program, they describe Xi as building a “global network of dialogue and cooperation among civilizations” to “jointly advance the progress of human civilizations.”

The program is the third in a series of vague proposals that Xi himself has made public, after the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative. The Chinese government has not made it clear how, or if, the global development initiative differs from the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global scheme in which China provides prey loans to poor countries to be used to pay China for expensive and unsustainable infrastructure projects. . The goal of the Global Security Initiative, in turn, appears to be to persuade participating states to abandon their individual national security interests in the service of an undefined global interest.

Chinese state broadcaster CGTN as well mentioned Xi described the “global civilization initiative” as promoting “respect for the diversity of civilizations, advocating common values ​​of humanity, appreciating the legacy and innovation of civilizations, and jointly advocating strong international exchanges and cooperation between people.”

Reportedly, Xi said, “Countries should keep an open mind in appreciating the perceptions of values ​​by different civilizations and refrain from imposing their values ​​or paradigms on others and from fueling ideological confrontation.”

Under Xi Jinping, China has launched several programs of fanatical ethnic cleansing of the Han and at least one campaign that human rights experts widely agree constitutes genocide — a far cry from Xi’s encouragement of other countries to show “respect for the diversity of civilizations.” An independent tribunal of international human rights experts and legal scholars, the Uyghur Tribunal, concluded in 2021 that China was “without reasonable doubt” guilty of genocide in East Turkestan as the government’s multiple actions meet the legal definition of the term.

In East Turkistan, Xi Jinping in 2017 ordered the construction of a sprawling network of internment camps for Uighurs and other non-Han ethnic groups in the region. At their peak, the camps are believed to have housed as many as three million people. China did not deny their existence, but it denied that they were concentration camps, describing them as “vocational education and training” centers.

In the centers, survivors testified before a Uyghur court that Chinese government agents indoctrinated prisoners with communism, forced them to renounce their faith (Uighurs are mostly Muslim), enslaved them, and subjected them to a horrific list of torture, including beatings and sleep deprivation. electric shocks and gang rape. They testified that women were forcibly sterilized or their unborn children killed; Some of their children died in mysterious circumstances in government custody.

Under enormous international pressure, China moved many concentration camp victims out of the facilities. Human rights experts believe that many, however, were simply taken to factories, cotton plantations, and other facilities across the country and are still enslaved. Human rights advocates in China have documented that the Chinese internet is riddled with government-backed ads selling Uyghurs into slavery.

“[O]By respecting the diversity of civilizations, it will be possible to carry out exchanges between different cultures on an equal footing,” the Chinese system newspaper said China Daily announce On Thursday, describing the goals of the “Global Civilization Initiative.” “It is necessary for people of different cultures to make exchanges in order to constantly update and expand the common values ​​of humanity.”

The article continued, in an apparent reference to Mao Zedong: “The modernization of mankind should be like a garden in which a hundred flowers bloom.”hundred flowerscampaign. In 1956, Mao announced a government-led initiative to encourage the free expression of political opinions, “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.” who expressed any opposition to orthodox Maoism.

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